Education is Key

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Thank you very much for visiting our website. Skill Access combines professional skills training with industry-specific English courses. We customize the learning environment to help you reach your goals. Our courses and sessions are of the highest quality and structured with you in mind. We guarantee that you will learn something valuable in every session. A solid education and new skills will afford you many opportunities.

Simply put, education is key, and knowledge is power!

Knowledge is Power

Why us

We focus on quality not quantity. With our teaching method we combine creativity and innovation in all our classes, with skills developed over many years and experience in different countries, rigorously ensuring that courses are up to date. We role-play real-life situations and study contemporary cases. Together, we create the environment you need. To remain relevant in today’s hyper-connected marketplace, we view business from a global perspective. You will gain essential business communication skills, which will enable you to feel more confident in professional situations.

Knowledge is Power

What you get

  • More teamwork
    through team exercises result in more harmony in your company because departments can be combined in one class, they learn how to work better together and can increase productivity.
  • More communication skills
    because they have to communicate in a different language. Our instructors work closely together with the students to increase their globe thinking.
  • More confidence
    because we role play situations and build the vocabulary you need with our teaching method.
  • How to sign up

    in 3 steps

    • Contact us and let us know what you need and what your goal is.

    • We will give you a free trial followed by a meeting at your company to discuss further details.

    • We will send you how we would structure the courses at your company, schedule and possible starting date.

    Our Service

    to help you reach your goal